AngelCentral/Angel Portfolio Report Card

ANGELCENTRAL=============AC goal is to build effective angels by offering quality deal flow, investor education and syndication services. Our Community Manager Zijie has written a wonderful summary of what AngelCentral has done in 2018. You can read it here. Some highlights: Hit our goal of doubling investment commitments. From 3m in 2017 to 6m. Of that about 4m … Continue reading AngelCentral/Angel Portfolio Report Card

How to handle investors on your cap table

This article was first posted on Der Shing's blog. Over the years, in addition to running our own businesses, we have also invested in about 24-25 startups where Shao Ning & I play different roles. Board member, Advisor, Angel Investor, Syndicate Lead Investor, Joint Venture Investor and even chairman type investor. Two main factors are … Continue reading How to handle investors on your cap table