A COVID-19 Story: The Journey of Surviving and Thriving through the Crisis by Magda Chelly

I started interacting with Magda Chelly, founder of Responsible Cyber in late 2019 when she submitted her application to fundraise with AngelCentral. She struck me as a confident, self-sufficient and brainy young lady, who is totally passionate about upholding cyber security and integrity.  But like most of us, when the pandemic hit in early 2020, … Continue reading A COVID-19 Story: The Journey of Surviving and Thriving through the Crisis by Magda Chelly

Startup Conversations: Nimbus

Finding an unmet customer need in an industry is the first key step to any new business. This is precisely how Daniel Thong, an Oxford tech entrepreneur, co-founded Nimbus, an office manager application, operated by purpose-driven employers to change the perception of blue-collared workers in Singapore Daniel shared that the idea behind Nimbus came to … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Nimbus

Investing Effectively as a Couple

Marriage is more than just love, couplehood and kids/parenthood. It brings along new financial responsibilities too. The planning for the joined future of course ideally should start with / include open conversations on your values and finances. Beyond a sensible family budget and spending understanding, couples need to grow their nest egg too.  So what … Continue reading Investing Effectively as a Couple

Startup Conversations: Boxgreen

When Walter and Andrew worked as management associates at DBS, they found that the sustenance available in vending machines amidst late nights of overtime at the office just didn’t cut it. Health-conscious and hungry, the seeds of an idea were sowed for a healthy snack delivery service. The two went on to found Boxgreen, a … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Boxgreen

Startup Conversations: Auk Industries

Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen great technological evolution, significant among them are the industrial Internet of Things, such innovations became envisaged solutions to new challenges and possibilities. One organisation that decided to tap into such innovations is Auk Industries. Producing hardware akin to ‘Fitbit-for-machine’ and cloud-based ‘Ops-analytics-in-the-box’, Auk Industries provides Industrial IoT systems … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Auk Industries