AngelCentral Learning Forum: Angel Investing Post-COVID

 The good news: Global startup investments totaled ~$300 billion up 4% from the previous year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The interesting bit: the deal volume was 3% lower in 2020 with most of the capital invested concentrated in the later stage technology startups. The not-so-great bit: total funding for early-stage startups decreased 11% in … Continue reading AngelCentral Learning Forum: Angel Investing Post-COVID

Startup Conversations: SIMTRUM

Digitalization is a long-term secular growth trend that is directly fueling the rapid growth of photonics products. Many of the technology products that we are using today such as smartphones, tablets as well as advanced technologies such as LIDAR are common applications of photonics products. In this month's Startup Conversations, we caught up with Co-Founder … Continue reading Startup Conversations: SIMTRUM

Startup Conversations: Sendjoy

With the evolution of social media, fans and followers are able to connect with their favorite celebrities and on a much higher frequency, forging a stronger bond as compared to traditional media channels. Additionally, COVID-19 lockdowns reinforced the importance of connecting digitally and accelerated the adoption of social media in the world. As such, Sendjoy … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Sendjoy

Startup Conversations: Flexstay Rentals

Southeast Asia is one of the world's fastest-growing regions attracting many expatriates and tourists from all over the world. Being an emerging market presents many opportunities for innovative solutions to develop the region and close up the gap between emerging and developed markets. Flexstay Rentals is a trailblazer disrupting the rental property space in Thailand … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Flexstay Rentals

Stories of an Investor: Victor Quah

In this session of Stories of an Investor, we caught up with full-time angel investor, Victor Quah. Victor is a Malaysian angel that actively invests and is a firm believer that founders and investors should stay grounded and be open-minded to learning. Victor shared with us his takes on founder evaluation, and how and why … Continue reading Stories of an Investor: Victor Quah