Startup Conversations: Change Foods

Food is one of the longest-standing industry that is ripe for major disruption and transformation. Increasingly more people in the world are being more conscious about the food they consume, how and where it is produced, and whether it is sustainably sourced. The team at Change Foods are changemakers in the food industry, creating better … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Change Foods

Startup Conversations: Webtrace

With Digitalisation as a long-term growth trend, many companies are harnessing Big Data Analysis to increase the visibility of their business operations and finding opportunities that may be overlooked by the naked eye.  In this session of Startup Conversations, we caught up with Co-Founder and CEO of Webtrace, Erwin Subroto about his entrepreneurship journey and … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Webtrace

Startup Conversations: Parcel Perform

Based in Singapore, Vietnam, and Germany, Parcel Perform is the leading carrier-independent parcel tracking software platform for e-commerce merchants covering over 600 logistics carriers worldwide. As deliveries are a crucial element of the customer experience in e-commerce, Parcel Perform was founded to address this problem and assist e-commerce merchants in delivering a positive post-checkout experience. … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Parcel Perform

#throwback : AngelCentral 2019 Milestones

2019 has been a year of growth and learning for AngelCentral as we worked to fulfil our vision of Building Effective Angels in ASEAN region.  We focused on the same 3 areas: 1) quality deal flow for our members, 2) portfolio and sector specific learning and 3) syndication admin services.   Here are some of our … Continue reading #throwback : AngelCentral 2019 Milestones