Startup Conversations: Sendjoy

With the evolution of social media, fans and followers are able to connect with their favorite celebrities and on a much higher frequency, forging a stronger bond as compared to traditional media channels. Additionally, COVID-19 lockdowns reinforced the importance of connecting digitally and accelerated the adoption of social media in the world. As such, Sendjoy … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Sendjoy

Startup Conversations: Flexstay Rentals

Southeast Asia is one of the world's fastest-growing regions attracting many expatriates and tourists from all over the world. Being an emerging market presents many opportunities for innovative solutions to develop the region and close up the gap between emerging and developed markets. Flexstay Rentals is a trailblazer disrupting the rental property space in Thailand … Continue reading Startup Conversations: Flexstay Rentals

Startup Conversations: KroniKare

KroniKare is a MedTech company with the aim of using Big Data & Artificial Intelligence technologies to revolutionize the Medical Industry. Their solution consists of 15 years of data and allows medical practitioners to assess wounds 30 times faster than traditional methods. In this month of Startup Conversations, we caught up with Co-Founder & CEO … Continue reading Startup Conversations: KroniKare

What founders need to understand about fundraising from angels

At AngelCentral, our Partners, who have all been active angel investors for many years, meet close to 500 startups annually. As such, they have met a diverse group of founders with extremely different backgrounds and personalities, and been pitched a wide range of business ideas and opportunities. While we believe that the quality of startups … Continue reading What founders need to understand about fundraising from angels

How to handle investors on your cap table

This article was first posted on Der Shing's blog. Over the years, in addition to running our own businesses, we have also invested in about 24-25 startups where Shao Ning & I play different roles. Board member, Advisor, Angel Investor, Syndicate Lead Investor, Joint Venture Investor and even chairman type investor. Two main factors are … Continue reading How to handle investors on your cap table