Hello 2023! A Quick #throwback to AngelCentral 2022 Milestones

2022 was a promising year for us right from the start. COVID may have been still around, but there was increasing relaxation of regulations as the year wore on. As such, we managed to bring back many more face-to-face events that many members missed for the past 2 years.

Join us in a quick #throwback on what went on in 2022!

An overview: 48 startups pitched, of which 4 uprounds, 5 new syndicates, 5 mil raised

We closed our year with a total of 755 applications, of which, 48 startups were selected to pitch and in turns, raised $5 Million from our members. What is noteworthy is that we have 4 uprounds for the year!

4 Deep dives, with reputable speakers for all sessions

Just like previous years, we did 4 deep dives in 2022. The 4 deep dives mainly focuses on restaurant tech startups, social commerce startups, early stage investing through the downturns and last but not least, the circular economy for food.

No words could express our heartfelt thanks to the speakers who gladly stepped up to share their knowledge on the various topics. As a community, we really benefitted alot from the deep and insightful sharing from the experts of these industries.

Raising your first million workshop

Keeping up with our yearly tradition, we did a “raising your first million” workshop in April. Just like 2021, it was a hybrid workshop and we have participants from the region. It was a full-house workshop and we really love the energy of the founders!

The startup workshop will be back again this April, stay tuned as we release more information over the next few months.

Launched our inaugural angel behaviour survey

In July, we launched our inaugural angel behaviour survey. Briefly, one of our findings is that  ASEAN Angels are gaining maturity & experience.  59% of the survey respondents have invested in more than 5 startups, 12% have a portfolio size of more than 30 startups, 68% of the respondents are very disciplined investors and allocate less than 10% of investable assets into this asset class.  76% expect to make at least a 15% IRR over a 10 year period.

Another interesting findings that we have will be finding out “who” is the typical angel. We have found that the typical ASEAN angel is aged 41-55, overwhelmingly male, Invest mainly out of their net worth rather than income, invest mostly within the region and have an initial cheque size per startup of between USD$20K-50K.

If you have not grabbed your copy of the full report, grab yours here!

Members end year event face to face after 2 years

Lastly, a key highlight of 2022 will be bringing back the end-year event in-person! We are thrilled to host our members to a dinner at the heart of the startup ecosystem, the JTC launchpad. We are accompanied by great food, great conversations, fine wine and lovely company for the evening. 

We are really heartened by the support of our member, especially the past few years when covid just struck. Valuable suggestions were also shared during the conversations and we will definitely work towards bringing AngelCentral to greater heights. Thank you for loving AngelCentral just like how we do and we will see you at our next event!

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