#throwback : AngelCentral 2019 Milestones

We focused on the same 3 areas: 1) quality deal flow for our members, 2) portfolio and sector specific learning and 3) syndication admin services.  

Here are some of our major highlights (and some minor ones) for 2019:


1) More than 130 Angel Members!

We now have >130 angel members. A good mix of corporates, entrepreneurs and family offices joined by a common goal to invest in early stage startups. We especially want to thank corporate partners such as 500 Startups, Monkshill Ventures, Jungle Ventures, SGInnovate, Wavemaker and Enterprise Singapore who are always so supportive in our journey of championing quality angel investing and we really look forward to more collaboration in the year ahead!

2) 10 Pitch Days Organized!

10 Pitch Days; 46 companies pitched. Kudos to the hard work of the partners for curating the different companies who have pitched with us and also sharing valuable advice and tips to those whom they have met! In 2019, we have funded $7 million and we look forward to challenging ourselves to this in 2020!

3) Launched Members Section

In May 2019, we introduced the member section of our platform. This allows our members to have access to another 100+ curated deal flow beyond those that are invited to pitch days. In addition, members will be notified of the various events and pitch days through the system! 

4) Almost S$7M funded into startups

We hold ourselves to the same high standard as we hold the startups. We measure actual funded amounts into startups by our angels as our key metric of whether we are finding the right startups and angels. We are happy to report that the numbers seem to show that AngelCentral is working well.

5) More than 300 angels trained!

Since 2018, we have trained more than 300 angels on how to better angel invest. Over the last 12 months, we have conducted 6 masterclasses which range from angel investing masterclass, due diligence & portfolio management masterclass and legal masterclass for angels. In addition, we have partnered SUSS in conducting a series of angel investing workshops which spans over 5 Saturdays! 

Not to forget, apart from the masterclasses, we delved deeper into educating our angels on investing in the different industries like hardware, B2B SaaS and Fintech. If you are keen to join us for workshops in 2020 and learn the ropes of angel investing, do check them out here

Our workshops will be commencing in February, do register soon as limited tickets are available!

6) 6 Successful Syndicates

2019 has been a year of growth for our syndication service! We helped with the administration for 6 syndicates (Boxgreen, MyHomi, MadThread, Tourego, Auk Industries, and Parcel Perform) and to-date, we have syndicated for 9 companies.  A noteworthy mention is that our 2018 syndicates (Nimbus, Neuron, and Tribehired) are all growing well with Neuron successfully raising a Series A lately.


Beyond just helping angels, we also try to play a role to help promote this asset class and activity. We were interviewed by the media on several occasions with the latest on a sharing of the risk involved for an investor in angel investing by the Money FM 89.3

Our partners had also done several sharings on angel investing:

Der Shing sharing on his angel investing journey and how should one get started in it on the panel for GenINFINITY-ENGAGE 
 Shao-Ning who was joined by Darius Cheung of 99.co and Gillian Tee of Homage, moderated by General Assembly Singapore’s Director, Aziza Sheerin on the panel of Made In Singapore: How Startups are Driving The Country Forward
Teck Moh, sharing on AngelCentral and how he started his journey of angel investing (as an accidental angel!) with the delegates from Bank of Singapore!
Shao-Ning sharing about the key things that angels look out for at the Innovation SG booth at SWITCH

Not to forget, we signed an MOU with NexiaTS to support both startups and angel investors with their growth.

Thanks for reading our  #throwback, we would like to thank all our partners and members who have been so supportive in 2019! We look forward to bringing AngelCentral to greater heights in 2020 and continuing our mission of building quality angels!

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